Friday, June 20, 2008

Don’t bring your wars to Canada, says the Canadian Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day

The Canadian Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day, should be congratulated for his quite appropriate stand taken against those who raise funds for terrorist activities abroad. In allowing continued collections of funds for such activities the Canadian government itself indirectly contributed to terrorism in Sri Lanka, and other countries. Having understood this fact, the Minister Mr. Stockwell Days had taken a pertinent decision which is praiseworthy. This should be followed by other European countries as well, and specially Australia.

It is normal that those immigrants to foreign countries keep in contact with their home lands, and help their families, or the people of their country of origin by making voluntary contributions for their welfare.

The immigrants if accepted in to a country and given the citizenship of that country, are for all intents and purposes citizens of that country, whether it is Canada, France, and so on. Such citizens should abide by the laws of that country, and should not engage in any activity that would bring discredit to the adopted country. In Canada, a Canadian may be of Sri Lankan, Indian or Pakistan origin, but as a Canadian, he is integrated without distinction of his origin, colour, race, or religion. They can if they are interested in political activities join the political parties of the adopted country as any other citizen.

That is the wonderful liberty in foreign countries such as Canada, USA , France etc. In these countries there are no political parties. designated to Tamils, Indians , Filipinos etc., every one is a Canadian, or an American, and has the liberty to join the main political parties .

This, unfortunately, has not happened in Sri Lanka. The Tamils, and Muslims and Sinhala have their own political parties. Therefore, the main Communities in Sri Lanka, the Tamils, Sinhala and Muslims are politically, racially and socially, divided.

The terrorism in Sri Lanka is a result of this division. We should take an example from countries like Canada, and follow their political systems, and the Tamils, Sinhala and Muslims, should join the existing Political Parties which have no distinctive nomenclatures, such as Sinhala, Tamil or Muslim. That would give political equality to all communities, and will end communal antagonism. This is a way to bring about peace and Unity to Sri Lanka.

Therefore, the Canadian Tamils should refuse payments to extortionists, or willingly contribute to terrorist front organisations to kill, maim or cause suffering to men, women and children in Sri Lanka. They should instead advise all Tamils, both in Canada and Sri Lanka to Unite, and integrate into the political system of Sri Lanka as Sri Lankans without identifying themselves as Tamils.

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