Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Communities of Sri Lanka should bury their whatever hatchets of discord, to build a united Sri Lankan Nation.

The said to be the Invincible Terrorist Army of the Sun God, is at last brought to its knees, and his mighty terrorist armed forces are running in disarray. We the people of Sri Lanka should be ever grateful for the Commanders of the Combined Military Forces of Sri Lanka, for bringing back to our country the pride it had lost. The International Community who was out to make us come to a peace settlement with the terrorist and eventually divide our country like India, has failed in its endeavour.
Incidentally, as the Commander of the Army made a statement to the press that the Army is seeing the tail end of the “war” against terrorism, Swaminathan Natarajan of the BBC Tamil Service writes in the BBC News website, the most twisted and negative article, “ Sri Lanka’s east in shadow of war” .
This had been by and large the foreign media comments that had been, an on going journalist retching against all efforts of the Sri Lanka Government and its Army, through out the last two years in its successful military action against the terrorists.
This success story of the Sri Lanka Security forces will not be received well by the International Community and the British Colonialists. It is a well known fact that the British Colonialists practiced its- now famous divide and rule policy in the administration of its colonies. They tried it with great success in India.
To India they brought in Jinnah who was already engaged in the British politics, having left India after his famous 14 points were rejected by the Congress . The British probably had a hand in using him as a wedge, between the crack that was appearing between the two Communities in the course of India’s struggle for independence , and probably kept on striking on Jinnah the divisive desire, which finally resulted in the split between the Muslims and Hindus, and the formation of Pakistan by the break away Community of Muslims.
The British Colonialists failed to do the same in Sri Lanka before Sri Lanka was granted independence, and belatedly tried their best to put right their failure, by splitting Sri Lanka using the LTTE terrorists as the “wedge”, between the Sinhala and the Tamils.
The Tamil Diaspora most of who left Sri Lanka in 1983, espoused the terrorists’ demand for a separate Tamil Eelam, making the terrorists their heroes- freedom fighters. But the terrorists were nothing but a group organised by Prabhakaran to make a reality of his Eelam dream. It was the bitter memories with which the Tamil Diaspora, were made to wrench away from their bellowed motherland, that made them embrace the terrorist cause for a separate Tamil Eelam.
The interested parties who were looking forward for personal benefits that may “fall on them”, from a political separation of Sri Lanka, fanned the Tamil hatred against the Sinhala and Sinhala Buddhists. The communal uprising of the 1983, was not a Sinhala sponsored movement, there were other actors who played their part to make it take the aspect of a Sinhala-Tamil racial riot.
The Sinhala never had any grudge against the Tamils for the colonial manipulation of minority as a wedge, to keep the communities apart for the convenience of their colonial rule. The idea itself, of Sinhala Supremacists with a Mahawansa mindset, discriminating against the Tamil minority, is a completely false concept, created apparently by the Tamil intelligentsia, for reasons better known to them.
Of course, after the independence the Governments of Sri Lanka had taken measures to put right the colonial discrimination against the Sinhala, which had been instituted to keep the Sinhala Majority from rising against the British rule, along with the minority Tamils.
Those actions of the Sri Lanka governments, now condoned by the Tamil diaspora, were exagerated to distance the minority Tamils from the Sinhala, which resulted in the first uprising of the communal riots in 1957 after a Sinhala man was supposed to have been assassinated in the North. The subsequent communal rights were the distant results of the first. It is high time that these unfortunate deplorable events are forgotten, and the Sinhala and Tamil rise from the past errors, who ever was responsible to them, and begin to build a united nation of Sri Lanka.
The great victory of the Security Forces, over the disastrous terrorism, is no doubt also due to our President Mahinda Rajapakse, who allowed the Commanders of the Combined Security Forces to carryout their responsibilities in complete independence, without any interference.
The nearly three decades of terrorism have given a chance for each Community to reflect, and bury the wretched hatchets of discord, and unite together as brothers and sisters in this land where we were born, and live together as the children of one great family.

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