Monday, November 28, 2005

Getting ready to Go !

Just two days more for me to take the plane to Sri Lanka. I am a little upset about the baggage. I am not sure how much they weigh. Any way Annie says she will accompany me therefore even if there is excess baggage I will be able to send them back with her. That is some consolation.

I had my son on the telephone. He is busy doing a film with a friend. There are about 10 persons working on the project. He seems to be very happy . He says that doing the cinema is like taking a drug. He comes home late in the evening and sleeps like a baby he says. His friend Pierre is left alone in the apart, and he is bored. Lalith says that he comes in the evening and does his studies and therefore does not want me to call him tomorrow.

I have to go and see Mimi-that is Annie's mother before I leave. I will go at about four this afternoon. I feel a little sleepy as I did not sleep well last night. I had a large crab that is the third since yesterday, that is a lot of crabs ! I will not eat all those stuff once in Sri Lanka. I will return to be a vegetatian.

My mind otherwise is practically empty. No worries. Lalith manages on his own and we can support him financially a little. Annie has lot of friends and she will be happy to be on her own watching the films she likes to see and visiting her friends. She will not miss me.

I was at my mother-in -laws. She was happy to see me. She had invited me for a lunch last Sunday and heavy snow caused the cancellation of it. Alain was at home. They were preparing to have dinner and I was invited to a sumptuous dinner. Annie did not come as she was too tired. We had a usual chat over dinner and it b eing late I left after fond good byes. It was extremely cold.