Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rev.Desmond Tutu and his uncalled for diatribe against the Government of Sri Lanka

Now it is Rev.Desmond Tutu who makes a homily of his imagined fantasy, without verifying facts or addressing the President of Sri Lanka himself for an explanation, before making his unacceptable comment.
There is lot of violation of human rights going on in South Africa according to latest information, which seems to go unpunished. The immigrant workers in South Africa are being attacked and burnt alive, while Rev.Tutu calls for vengeance against Sri Lanka, without having checked from where , and through whom these accusations against Sri lanka have come.

If you are not aware of what his going on under your very nose in South Africa , Rev. Tutu, how can you expect any one to listen to your diatribes against the Government of Sri Lanka.
Rev. Desmond Tutu has got it all wrong. He certainly has not taken an objective view of a serious situation prevailing in Sri Lanka. He has merely gone on information fed to him by biased analysts. He obviously has no first hand information.
The government forces are at "war" against a well equipped terrorist groups with hundreds of brain washed young women and men trained as black tigers, whose mission is to blast them selves to assassinate a selected person, material or equipments, along with who ever happened to be on the spot. They plant claymore bombs on roads or inside buses to kill a large number of civilians, with the sole aim of provoking the Sinhala people to start a back lash against Tamils in the South, so that the Government could be blamed for ethnic riots.
The government forces are fighting the terrorists who make use of the innocent villagers, as human shields, to protect themselves from the armed forces. Despite these tactics of the terrorist the government forces are doing their best to avoid large scale damage to civilian population. It is normal that in a war situation norms of human rights are subject to be disturbed. It is an indirect cause of the war situation, but certainly not a deliberate attempt by the Security Forces.
The responsibility for kidnappings, murder or torture cannot be passed on to the Security Forces. They are committed by criminals, or by the terrorists themselves to put the blame on the government forces. At least some of the kidnappers have already been arrested by the Police, and investigations are being made.
The government of Sri Lanka cannot be accused of violation of human rights. On the other hand, the government of Sri Lanka should be felicitated for redeeming the civil population in the East from the grip of the terrorists. The "war" against terrorists is also to allow the Tamil population in the areas presently under the control of the terrorists to exercise their human rights and live in peace, free from fear and intimidation.
Therefore, the statement of Rev. Desmond Tutu is made without substantiated evidence against the government as a violator of human rights.
Sri Lanka on the other hand can give valuable lessons on what is human rights, and how can a government protect the human rights of its citizen, including those who become prisoners in areas controlled by the terrorists. Terrorists are not freedom fighters, Rev.Tutu. They are misguided individuals who have lost respect for human life, being blinded by fanatism, and paranoiac of being hunted by the Sinhala people.
Human rights has become a means to attack Sri Lanka, which despite fighting a battle against terrorism, is doing enormous work for the development of the country, and safeguard its people.