Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Who really are the Violators of Human Rights ? Is it the Government of Sri Lanka or the International Community with its various partners ?

The pen is mightier than the sward they say. Then why not those who use the pen write the truth, and defend the President Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse, the man who stands for peace and unity in Sri Lanka.

Human Rights issue on which the President and his government is held accused is phoney.
Those who accuse the Sri Lanka government of violation of human rights ,are themselves violators of human rights.

When the International Community demands, that the government should stop military action against the terrorists and come to a political settlement, the IC is moving towards violation of human rights of the people of Sri Lanka. Because the people of Sri Lanka has accepted that terrorism is causing terror, hampers development, has plunged the country into a fear psychosis, elected a President and a Government who have pledged to end terrorism in their election manifesto. The government has to keep its promise to the people and has to end terrorism. When the International Community, hinders by various means the government of Sri Lanka to carry out its right to defend its people from terrorist, is it not a violation of the right of democratically elected government to carry out its duty of defending its people ?

The terrorists, who have refused to negotiate peace with the government, continue their terrorist activities, ruthlessly killing civilians, and putting the people of the whole country in to untold misery. In this situation the IC, that asks the government, despite the continued terrorism by the terrorists, to negotiate a peace settlement with them, is violating the right of the government to defend its people against a murderous group of savage terrorists. Therefore the IC defends the terrorists, and hampers the efforts of the government to carry out its promise given in its election manifesto, thus violating the human rights of the people who are looking forward for the government to end terrorism and give them peace and freedom.

Again the International Community, which refuses to understand the “war” situation of Sri Lanka, in which safety of unfortunate people in the terrorist held areas, caught in the cross fires between the Security Forces and the terrorists, cannot be 100 per cent assured, as in, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, or elsewhere, there is war against terrorists, imposes sanctions on the government. This is also a violation of the human rights of the people, who depends on the government to develop the government and provide food, employment, and shelter, from the aid receivable from the rich nations of the IC.
Or, the proposal of the European Union to cut off resources, and the threat to withdraw trade benefits under GSP + means the dissemination of poverty, deprivation and adversity. Through the withdrawal of trade benefits the persons working in the garment industry may lose their means of lively hood, which is a violation of the human rights of the people who depend on the EU trade benefits for continued employment.

The United States and the European Union have withheld various aid programs and are supposed to be debating whether to withdraw special trade benefits from Sri Lanka. This is also a violation of the rights of the people who depend on these aid programmes.
Karuna, who broke away from the LTTE terrorists, helped the Sri Lank Security Forces to take back the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka from terrorist control. He left Sri Lanka when his life was under threat. He was arrested by the UK Police for being in possession of a false Sri Lankan Passport. He is to be deported to Sri Lanka.

Now the President of the Amnesty International, who does not seem to understand the invaluable importance of a person, who turns his back to terrorism to adhere to democracy and freedom , to persuade other terrorists to follow his example demands, that Karuna should be arrested by the Government of Sri Lanka on his return, and punished for his past activities as a terrorist. In making this proposition the Amnesty International is violating the human rights of a man who regrets his past terrorist activities, and turned to democracy and demands freedom.

Under these circumstances one begins to wonder, who really are the violators of human rights ?

Is it the President of Sri Lanka Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse and his Government grappling with terrorism, or the International Community with its various partners standing in the way of the effort of the Government of Sri Lanka, which is fighting alone, to end terrorism from Sri Lanka ?

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