Friday, March 28, 2008

China, Tibet, and Olympic Games

Human Rights is the new modus operandi of the West to create dissension and perhaps Kosovos, in developing countries. It extends from Sri Lanka to China, North Korea to Burma, Iraq to Afghanistan, Palestine to Iran.

The West, like a hungry vulture waiting to swoop on a dying animal to eat out its bowels, awaits an occasion, to pounces on a country, screaming the now famous cry of “violation of human rights”. These vultures come with different insignia, the Media Forums, Human Rights Watch , the UN, Amnesty International and so forth. They are in Sri Lanka when the government is on the way to eliminate terrorism. They are in Burma, when it is trying to cut itself away from the interference of the Western vultures, and find a way to develop on its own. They are now in Tibet just when China is about to celebrate the 2008 Olympic Games.

The West thinks that they are clean, and above being accused of human rights violations. They are the new saints preaching to the world about human rights, when their own history still smells of the blood of the innocent people they had spilled, be it in America, China, Japan, India , Peru and else where in the world.

France calls for a boycott of the Olympic Games in China for human rights violations in Tibet. But France has also a bloodied past and denial of independence to some of the Islands they had occupied. In Nouvelle Cal├ędonie or Kanak the voice of the freedom fighters of the FNKS was silenced. The leader of the movement Jean Marie Jibaou was mysteriously assassinated.

The British who may also call to boycott the Olympic Games in China, carried out a war to keep the Falkland Island to themselves, and claims a part of the peninsula of Gibraltar as belonging to them.

The massacre of hundreds of innocent civilians men, women and children by the British Army under the command of General Dyer, for which act he was felicitated by the British Governor of Panjab Sir Michael O’dwyer will remain in history to mark the inhuman British rule in India.

It is not necessary to speak of the American CIA sponsored riots against Salvador Allande in Chili, or the failed Bay of Pigs attack on Cuba.

It is this West that gives lessons on human rights now. They cannot keep away politics from any thing that is going on in the world. In a debate in the France 2 of the French TV,on human rights in China and boycotting the Olympic Games, Romain Mesnil the President of the Syndicate of French Athletes said that for the athletes Olympic Games- is an important occasion to participate, and compete with world class champions and get to know them, politics is outside sports and would like to leave it for politicians.

This is the problem with the Western countries and the media. They cannot differentiate politics from sport. Problem with Tibet is an internal matter of China. The west should interfere into it differently, not to score political points. The Political leaders of China may even invite Dalai Lama to discuss the issue if they are left alone to do so. But the Western Governments and their media have already made it an issue to condemn China, and thus distanced any possibility of China and Dalai Lama getting together to solve their problems.

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